Imagine an international gathering of musicians, artists, writers, poets, families and fans in a rustic autumn setting to share their music, stories, experiences and wisdom. Workshops, lectures, front porch stages, music lessons and major concert showcases will be part of the two day Gathering.

What is the “National Gathering of SongFarmers?” Our members start hometown music chapters around the country, support our wonderful music classroom program for kids, and find fresh, new direction for their music and art. Join us and explore our website. Members get TWO FREE TICKETS to attend both days of our Gathering in Berea, filled with workshops, song circle, lectures and the premier of the public television documentary about SongFarmers that will air in 2019!

The WFPA is all-volunteer run. A SongFarmers membership brings FREE roots music education into thousands of classrooms and home school families. SongFarmers start local chapters that bring their communities together through music.

All active members of the WFPA will get TWO FREE tickets for BOTH days of the music conference, full of song circles, work shops, lectures, and more song circles.


  The evening events will feature a big (free to the public) concert by our SongFarmer members, their guest, and those invited to perform!

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